Advisory Council

Ronni Kahn
Ozharvest - Founder & CEO

Ronni Kahn is the founding director of OzHarvest, a not for profit  organisation that rescues surplus food from  restaurants,  retailers, food outlets and corporate kitchens across Australia to feed communities at risk. Today, OzHarvest collects over 5 tonnes of food a day, and delivers the equivalent of 15,000 meals a day from more than 900 food donors throughout Australia, freeing up valuable resources for charities to spend on education and rehabilitative programs. Over nine million meals have been rescued and redistributed since Ronni began her quest in 2004. In 2010 Ronni Kahn was named Australia’s Local Hero as part of the Australian of the Year Awards announced at Parliament House, Canberra.

Leslie Morrison
 Emerita - Executive Director Musicians on Call ex-CEO

Dr. Leslie Morrison Faerstein, Executive Director of Musicians on Call until 2014 has a long history in nonprofit administration and healthcare.  On July 1, 2000 she joined the staff of Musicians on Call as its first Executive Director.  Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities.  Since that time she has grown the organization to forty-two weekly Bedside Performance Programs with branches in New York, Nashville, Miami/South Florida, Washington, DC and Los Angeles. The volunteer musicians have played for over 375,000 individuals.  Additionally, MOC has sent out over 650 Music Pharmacies for patient use. She now runs her own consulting firm for non-profits.



Jonni Pollard
1 Giant Mind - Founder

Jonni Pollard is the co-founder and executive director of 1 Giant Mind, a multinational not-for-profit established to reduce and prevent stress-related lifestyle disease and mental illness by empowering people worldwide with free learn-to-meditate programs, resources, and research. He  is a social entrepreneur driven to affect meaningful change in the world through facilitating a philosophical, scientific and experiential understanding of human consciousness and the role our minds play in shaping our experiences.


Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan

CEO of Energesse, which specialises in health consumers and patient experience. Energess technologies and services help improve health and care organisations, their business models, products and services. 

Avi works with CEO's, Senior management, and front line teams of health insurers, hospitals, pharma, primary care, governments and businesses. Focussed on Australia,US, UK, NZ and Malaysia.

Author of Future Solutions in Australian Healthcare White Paper - an acclaimed paper on the Australian Healthcare industry, developed with 21 Thought Leaders and presented to the Prime Minister's advisors. Download a free copy at