New Edo & Jo track : Jyoti (Light)

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Some words from ASL co-founder Edo about Jyoti (Light)

21 September 2016

It is a year today that my beautiful wife, ASL co-founder and visionary passed on. The organisation she created is blossoming and hundreds of lives are being transformed. 

One year
The earth spins.
For sun and moon
There is no day
There is no night
Just a state of timeless delight
We are so much more space than form
And yet form
draws our attention , affection and attachment
I search between
the broken past
And untold future
To find our souls
Intact and pure
Your form, a beautiful wrapping
That glittered like gold
Your gift, eternal love.


The song we are sharing is about the eternal nature of our soul - the inner light. Listening to it at this time is like receiving a message from Jo from another realm to trust in the perfection of life and to make the most of our time here on earth. 


Antar jyoti, bahir jyoti, pratyak jyoti parathparah,

Jyoti jyoti, swayam jyoti,

Atma jyoti shivoham


I am the light, which is both inside and outside,

The light that is visible as well as transcendent.

Light of all lights, the light of the self-effulgent soul

I am That


Thank you beloved Jo for touching our hearts and inspiring us to serve people in need and share our gifts with the world.

With Love and Gratitude