Sound Schools

Creating music and yoga programs for schools and orphanages in underprivileged areas. The SoundSchool programs also help us to fulfill our mission of cultural preservation, so that more people in the present and future world can learn and benefit from the wisdom of indigenous art forms and cultures.


We partner with local NGOs, orphanages and schools to supply musical instruments and employ music teachers to enable children who otherwise could never afford musical instruments and tuition to study music and develop their talents and creativity.

Yoga and Meditation

We supply yoga equipment, hire local yoga teachers (where possible) and train the staff at the schools/orphanages to become yoga instructors so that the children can receive the health benefits of regular yoga and meditation practice.

ASL Volunteers

SoundSchools create an opportunity for ASL volunteers to serve communities around the world through sharing their music and yoga skills and running our training programs. 

Our service:

The first SoundSchool project, Tejakula Gamelan Orchestra was launched in May 2014 to help set up Gamelan Orchestra for the poor village communities in Tejakula. Read more here

Africa SoundSchool at Rainbow Ridge Tanzania launched in Jan 2017 - more info coming soon.