Sponsors, Partners and Friends

We are so grateful to have our sponsors and partners who help A SOUND LIFE in a variety of ways from financial support, music and yoga equipment and helping us to grow our volunteer base. To become a sponsor, please email us at info@asoundlife.org



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What began as an innocent idea between friends is fast growing into a movement that is taking off around the world. The Conscious Club, created by Tim Brown and Gary Gorrow in 2012, intelligently weaves together enlightening entertainment of all genres including uplifting live music, films that provide insight into the human condition, knowledge presentations from some of the world’s thought leaders, the rare opportunity to to be in the presence of hundreds of meditating minds, the sharing of a delicious vegetarian feast and a social experience that is vibrant beyond measure. The Conscious Club is now at the forefront of the mainstream consciousness movement. The events are far from a hippy commune, but rather a conglomeration of people from all walks of life who simply desire to enjoy an inspirational social experience that is fun, informative and uplifting in every way.


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Australian Yoga Journal  is the leading resource on yoga, meditation, spirituality and healthy lifestyle, with expert advice, yoga classes and great tips in Australia. It is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga.



InYoga takes the best from the yoga and wellness industry, and creates an alchemic mix of yoga, entertainment, education, dance and nourishment. Aiming to inspire and uplift, InYoga's events bring together people who love yoga in the name of community, collaboration and fun. InYoga was created by Rod Galbraith and Nicole Walsh, to provide a space for people who love yoga, to connect with like-minded others and deepen their knowledge and experience of yoga both on and off the mat. As an event designer, director Rod Galbraith has a long history of producing inspired experiences. Rod is also a yoga and meditation teacher through the Art of Living and Sri Sri Yoga, and a Vinyasa yoga teacher through BodyMindLife Yoga.  Nicole Walsh is the co-founder and former owner of BodyMindLife Yoga with 12+ years of yoga teaching experience. With their combined passion for yoga and desire to bring the yoga community together, Rod and Nicole are thrilled to be offering new events, workshops, teacher training and retreats to help to inspire others on the path of yoga. www.inyoga.com.au


Fivelements is a company co-creating holistic healing destinations. Heartquartered at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa healing centre in Bali, Indonesia, the parent company intends to create an alliance of healing centres around the globe that will bridge the wisdom of traditional healing cultures and promote peace among nations through the growth of these mystic economies. Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, is an award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali, making it a peaceful sanctuary to embrace authentic Balinese Healing, Living Foods and Sacred Arts. At Fivelements, “living well” is inspired by Balinese culture, which encourages us to nurture harmony with spirit, nature and one another.  We fell in love with the vision of Fivelements ‘Learning to Love and Respect Life’ back in 2008 when we met the founders (and now dear friends) Chicco and Lahra Tatriele. An incredible space dedicated to conscious events and healing of the body, mind and soul.



Yogin' it is an online global platform which gathers selected content and tools related to the yoga world, in order to help and inspire all of us who are in the yoga community –  it is a "playground" for the yoga community. Yogin'it was founded by Sonia Ribas who currently resides between the USA and Europe, where she is a private yoga teacher and passionate entrepreneur, determined to help spread the benefits of yoga around the world. While residing in both continents, Sonia is in the fortunate position to absorb and help further stimulate the already advanced yoga spirit in the United States while using her in-depth European cultural knowledge to help translate this yoga passion to the European communities.



Bondi Yoga Festival’s primary mission is to help promote positive consciousness and lifestyle within the community. It will take place on Sydney's Bondi Beach on November 17th 2013. The festival will include inspiring yoga classes from Australia's prominent teachers, groovy music from a variety of genre's and tons of delicious food stalls from local vegetarian and vegan cafes in Sydney. Their aim is to create awareness for a happier & healthy lifestyle throughout the festival.



FindYoga is Australia's yoga website, providing an amazing resources for yogis to connect and discover the bliss of the ancient tradition of Yoga.  The concept behind FindYoga began when Emma and Alex Grant moved back to Sydney in 2002 after studying yoga in India and the U.S. As they began their search for yoga classes, they discovered how difficult and time consuming this exercise was. Searching each website individually took time and resulted in a huge pile of brochures. The idea for FindYoga was born, and with much hard work from Alex who created the database and website, the dream eventually became real.



The Byron Spirit Festival is an artful celebration in service to the liberation of mind, body and spirit, so that many beings may benefit even more from our living and loving. Inspir  ed by the growing community around conscious living, Byron Spirit will empower us to create the vision that we all share. The Byron Spirit Festival brings together leading yoga teachers, tantra masters, musicians and healers from Australia and abroad.



Yogi TImes is an online media featuring articles and reviews on yoga, wellness, nutrition, eco-fashion, meditation and playful living founded by four yogi friends in L.A. and San Francisco. Yogi Times is 'doing it' to contribute to raising consciousness in communities around the world near or far. Yogi Times is your MEDIA, in your CITY, and your COMMUNITY.




KM Yoga is a wonderful Kundalini Yoga and Meditation space in Bondi Junction, Sydney created to provide  an inspired, peaceful place where like-minded people could come together to learn and share. 

Founded by Kathryn Mccusker,  KM Yoga specialises in Kundalini yoga and meditation,Jivamukti yoga, and Naam yoga. After practicing various forms of yoga for several years, it was Kundalini Yoga that had the most profound effect on Kathryn’s life and she feels passionate about sharing the teachings with as many people as possible. She has taught at leading yoga studios throughout London, including Triyoga and Alchemy and on workshops and retreats worldwide.