Tejakula Sound School

A SOUND LIFE partnered with The Gaia Foundation in North Bali to establish its first Sound School, The Tejakula Gamelan Sound School in the poor village communities surrounding Tejakula in May 2014. To ensure the continued existence and vibrancy of the Gamelan, A Sound Life support will purchase and repair instruments, and implement a comprehensive 4-year music training program involving 8 schools and 40 children in the first year, providing access for young students to learn this vital sacred arts form for FREE. Few if any schools can afford their own gamelan orchestra, which means students with interest and talent generally do not have the opportunity to learn gamelan.

Underpinning the performance arts and forming a core part of the sacred arts of Bali is the Balinese symphony orchestra, the “Gamelan”.  It is essentially percussive, that serves to accompany various art forms such as dance and Balinese opera, but comes into its own during festivals, where it draws upon an extensive repertoire of sacred music. Over time, the art of gamelan is becoming weaker as young people turn to more modern forms of music.


The Program has been successfully running since 2014 - Our Impact:  

1.     Funding a full gamelan orchestra instrument set to facilitate young people who have the desire and talent to learn gamelan.

2.     Creating a structured training program that is free to all to encourage a new generation of gamelan players to continue the preservation of the art of gamelan and especially its traditional sacred repertoire of Tejakula village.

3.     Building an agreement with eight schools in Tejakula village to make Gamelan as an extracurricular offering to young students, subject to standard school assessment.

4.     Creating a platform for the students to perform the Gamelan art locally and internationally. Students will be provided a solid grounding in traditional works and techniques, while introducing them to new, creative forms of expression.


Music, art and culture is the soul of Bali.  By giving youth the opportunity to go deeper into their own artistic heritage teaching, we remind them of their roots and we help preserve the soul and sacredness of the island, while ensuring that Bali can draw from new energies to continually revitalize its being.