Why Music?

THE JOY OF MUSIC. Through our work as musicians and music therapists we have experienced the tremendous power of music to connect and transcend any cultural, religious and socio-economic differences. Playing in hospitals and working with people with special needs, we have experienced the healing power of sound on the body, mind, emotional imbalances and soothing the soul.

In India and Asia, we observed the capacity of song and sound to empower children. Music is a joy infused educational medium to teach languages, develop artistic skills and talents, share creative expression, create career opportunities and convey values that can nurture future generations to love and respect humanity and the earth.

In a rapidly modernizing material world the beauty and wisdom of the ancient art forms of Asia and India are in decline. Part of our mission is the preservation of these ancient art forms, so that more people in the present and future world can learn and benefit from these sacred treasures.

We believe that music is one of life’s greatest gifts and that all should have access to the joy of music.


Why Yoga?

THE POWER OF YOGA. The practice of yoga by millions worldwide attests to the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of this ancient science to transcend race and religious differences. Yoga (and meditation) helps not only with physical fitness but with reducing anxiety and stress related problems by raising self-esteem, mental focus, memory retention, creating a calm state of mind and present moment alertness. Yoga has an extensive set of exercises to combat and work with moderate to severe ailments. It is a proven platform to empower people with a healthy body, mental attitude and respect for life. Through our work of running yoga retreats, teaching at yoga teacher trainings, schools and orphanages we have been inspired to help spread the beneficial and blissful effects of yoga.