Our Covid-19 Response

It is a time where people need us most, yet we are unable to deliver our regular services in person. ASL is now offering virtual programs to meet the demand of our facility partners and continue to give people in need access to music, yoga and meditation. This is crucial to support the healing process and provide a much needed – human connection.

Social distancing is causing many of us to feel the same stress and anxiety that people we serve feel on a daily basis. So, we are also extending our programs to anyone who can benefit. We are focused on bringing relief to both healthcare facilities and individuals alike, by expanding our programs and providing useful online resources, videos and developing our ‘Sound Life’ playlist. We are committed to broaden our services across Australia and provide relief, resilience and connection during these challenging times.

ASL’s virtual music, yoga and meditation programs, bring our volunteer musicians, yoga and meditation teachers directly to patients in hospitals, mental health facilities, people living with disabilities, youth, women in refuge and crisis accommodation, people living in aged care facilities, homebound seniors and those in need of remote, live music, yoga and meditation sessions. By utilising video conferencing technology, we are running live, interactive sessions. This unique set up is enabling volunteers and participants to join simultaneously and on a national scale. Through our current online sessions with facilities such as St Vincent’s Hospital, Miroma Disability Services, Caretaker’s Cottage and William Booth House, we are seeing first-hand the benefits these programs are having by reducing stress, building resilience and offering a much-needed connection to the vulnerable people in our community.

If you are a facility that is interested in this type of service, please contact – info@asoundlife.org

Help support us to make ‘A Sound Life’ for all.

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