Love Your Vibe – Book Launch Experience

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Love Your Vibe – Book Launch Experience
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05 April 2019


6:00 am - 9:00 am


A Sound Life Dome @ The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney

Celebrate the launch of the long awaited transformational book ‘Love Your Vibe’ for an evening of sound, healing and good vibes.

Join us in the Sound Life Dome to celebrate the launch of ‘Love Your Vibe – Using the power of sound to take command of your life.’ Through this informationalinspirational and interactive journey you will be guided into the depth of sound wisdom.

Matt will share what inspired the work and teach some of the actual processes outlined in the book, while you are served vegan friendly canapes and an exclusive herbal infused elixir designed to open your heart and inspire a euphoric state.

Open you hearts, blow your mind and walk away loving your vibe!

We will then embark on an actual sound journey to activate a hyper-conscious state and awakening a heartfelt connection with each other.

The evening will finish with Q and A along with a book signing and time to connect with like minded people.

Our modern world has lost touch with the sacred healing power of sound; it’s time to reclaim it!

Ancient wisdom asserts that all life is vibration or in essence sound. These same cultures viewed the voice not only as an instrument of self-expression but also, as a tool to self-empowerment. The human voice is a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. We have come to a time where science is now validating these ancient claims and embracing the healing wisdom of sound.

The book guides you through the 7-week process which is the culmination of years of exploration and research bridging cultures and traditions from around the world and pulling their wisdom together in a practical and palatable process for our busy lives.

Using sound healing, breathwork, meditation, and self-help practices you are guided to clear the resistance to align with your divine essence and sing your soul song.

As you embark on this journey, you are encouraged to join the online community of people supporting each other together and will have access to unlimited support through the recorded meditations and groups around the world embracing the wisdom of ‘Love Your Vibe.’ No need to do this alone, we are all in this together.

When we learn to love our vibe and the vibe of all life we can live in harmony with it.


* A full hour soul vibing sound experience to open your heart

* A Signed paperback copy of ‘Love Your VIbe’ book

* Healthy Vegan Middle Eastern Meal

* Herbal Infused Love Elixir

* Join a conscious community of like minded people

* Free 1-month trial to the new Love Your Vibe Academy

* Access to all sound meditations from the book

** 20% of the ticket sales go toward support of A SOUND LIFE CHARITY

Some benefits to process from the book are:

  • Learn to relinquish the turmoil (chaos) and embrace harmony
  • Self-regulate your body, emotions, and thoughts
  • Trust Yourself More
  • Act from clarity and purpose
  • Allow more Love and Abundance
  • Clear the noise in your mind and improve your concentration
  • Gain inner awareness feeling happy and peaceful.
  • Rejuvenate body by decreasing stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline etc.).
  • increase feel-good hormones (oxytocin, serotonin)
  • Soothe adrenal fatigue
  • Connect deeper into your intuition
  • Connect with your heart allow your bodies inner wisdom to heal itself.
  • Re-ignite your passion
  • Inspire your divine purpose
  • Create harmony and well-being in your life and relationships
  • Live a more authentic life.

We have disowned our ability to co-create our dreams or desires in our lives and given our power away for too long. It’s time to realise we hold the keys and skill to create the life of our dreams.

The only way you are going to change is to change YOU.. and the way you are meeting the world. We must learn to love our vibe and the vibe of all life in order to live in harmony with it.


“Matt Omo is a born HEALER, and I have never met anyone with a more highly developed intuition! His insights are a gift to us all! Thank you Matt, for sharing your wisdom.” – Tony Sears“It is an extraordinary process of self discovery and profound personal development. Matt is a highly gifted and very intuitive Teacher . His Process draws on many unique methods that have been developed over his extensive career. This work is life changing. An incredible inner journey” – Lara Hutton

“ I was feeling were paralysed (in life). Then there was Matt and the Love Your Vibe Process. I am so grateful to Matt, he is so passionate, detailed in his work and was very committed in helping me through the process. By the end of the 7th session I didn’t recognise myself I had opened up so much and my level of confidences in who I am is just amazing.. I highly recommend the Process, It’s helped me so much Matt is just so talented and a wonderful person and these sessions are truly a blessing.” – Sukiena Hadi


Matt, has been leading groups around the world for over 20 years. He brings together his shamanic training, psychotherapy, and healing work acquired through years of exploration and discovery in a unique, fun and palatable way. Merging ancient cultures and modern science, Matt has distilled his years of wisdom into this practical process designed to active your higher consciousness, giving you a greater capacity to heal and maintain harmony and inner peace in all aspects of your life.

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