Yin Yoga Sonic Tonic – Yin with live music & sound journey

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Yin Yoga Sonic Tonic – Yin with live music & sound journey
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23 June 2019


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


A Sound Life Dome @ The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney

Join Steve and Vanessa for – Yin Yoga Sonic Tonic an adventure with live original music and deep dream sound journey

Following a magical sold out tour of New Zealand. Namibia and South Africa, Vanessa and Steve @HeartSound are delighted to be bringing their unique of blend Yin Yoga with Live Music, Stories & Sound Journey (YIN YOGA SONIC TONIC) to the Sound Life Dome on the 23rd of June 5pm to 7pm

Tickets available HERE.

This promises to be no ordinary Yin Yoga session, but rather an adventure and journey through the Yin poses and sequence into the ancient lands, cultures, stories and soundscapes intricately woven together with live music by Vanessa Forbes, whilst being skillfully guided by Steven Mazabow through the deeply meditative Yin Yoga poses and shapes.

MORE ABOUT THE JOURNEY:The Yin Yoga sequence and journey is soulfully crafted so as to guide the participant into state of deep relaxation and inner contemplation whilst being subtlety immersed in the benefits of the therapeutic nuances of the Yin poses.

Participants will be bathed by the soulful sounds of original live music masterfully played by Vanessa Forbes. Vanessa will bring to this session the soundscapes of music from her acclaimed CD Love Letters from the Universe. During the exploration of mind, body and breath, Vanessa will surround you in a cocoon of sounds from the Mayan temple flute, panpipes, bowls, flute, Hang drum, chimes and manifestation songs of the Heart and Soul.

Steve Mazabow will skillfully guided the Yin explorer through a sequence of poses designed to access deep inner contemplation, learning and wisdom. Along the way Steve will share ancient and mystical stories learnt from some of the most ancient cultures on this planet. Steve is a qualified Yin Yoga teacher having completed various Yin Yoga and Advanced Yin Yoga teacher training both in Australia and overseas.

The exploration into Yin Yoga will conclude with 20min DEEP DREAM SOUND JOURNEY/HEALING where participants are bathed in a vibrant sea of live sound that saturates body, mind and soul. This will include didgeridoo played around your body which resonates deeply inside your body, releasing emotional blockages providing a deep inner cellular sonic vibration and massage promoting a state of profound relaxation, rejuvenation and peace.

WHAT TO BRING ALONG:You might want to bring to the session an intention or life situation you would like to work on. Maybe you have something you would like to let go of or maybe something you would like to bring into your life. Bring these intentions, dilemmas and challenges along !!

Bring along your favorite Yoga mat. Also bring along a cushion for your head so you are comfortable for the Sound Journey.Bring along a blanket or covering to keep warm.
Both the blanket and cushion can be used as yoga props for the YIN YOGA Session.


Cost of the Journey into the body, mind and breath Yin YOGA
$30 via purchase online
$35 at the door

•DOORS CLOSE: 4.55PM Sharp

If you would like to know more of have any specific inquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We are immensely excited to be sharing our journey through the incredible mediums of Yin Yoga, stories and Sound

Steve and Vanessa Mazabow

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