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Mentees – Amplify your music potential

The Sound Mentoring program builds positive relationships between mature people aged over 18 years (mentors) who are there to help young people (mentees) develop their potential in music and in life.

If you are interested in becoming a mentee in the program please read more about the program below and continue to fill out the form.

As a mentee in the program you may receive at least 10 free mentoring sessions from qualified and trained music mentors in: music production, songwriting, vocals, rapping, instrument playing and more. You can expect a range of benefits to taking part in the mentoring program including:
– Increasing confidence in music and in life
– Learning new music skills
– Having fun
– Gaining an amazing role model
– Finding new employment pathways
– Gaining new community
– Self expression

Mentees and mentors are expected to be:

– Committed to make the relationship constructive and respectful
– Sensitive to the needs of each other
– Flexible with time management
– Focussed on goals that build the skills of the mentee and draw on the expertise of the mentor
– Confidential in all aspects of the relationship

Mentee role requirements. To become a mentee in the program you must:

– Be aged 10-24 years
– Be able to commit to at least 10 x 1 hour mentoring sessions at least once a week or fortnight or month between August and December 2021
– Be able to attend meetings either in person at your youth centre/school or online via zoom

You will each be paired with a mentor according to what musical skills you want to develop confidence in with the purpose of building skills and wellbeing through shared experiences.

If you are interested in taking part in this program as a mentee, please APPLY to fill out the application form


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