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Questions to Consider Before Applying to Volunteer with A Sound Life

* For Musicians only
* For Yoga teachers only
* For Meditation teachers only
ASL is an organisation that brings free music and yoga to those in need (Purpose).

You have generously agreed to donate Your services for the Purpose and ASL gratefully accepts the donation of Your services on the terms set out below.

In consideration of the mutual promises, the parties agree as follows:
1.You agree to donate Your services to assist with the Purpose as reasonably instructed from time to time by ASL.

2. Your services will be donated free of charge, and you are not entitled to nor expect any salary, wages, or other benefits for Your voluntary services.

3. You agree to follow the reasonable supervision and direction of any personnel, employee, or volunteer, to whom You are assigned to perform Your voluntary services, and to participate in any training reasonably required by ASL to perform Your voluntary services.

4. You agree that nothing in this agreement or the services You will provide will render you an employee of ASL.

5. You understand that if You are responsible for any injury to third parties or damage to their property while acting outside the scope of Your assigned volunteer duties, that You may be held personally liable to the injured party.

6. You agree to cooperate with ASL in any matter that may arise from this agreement and will notify ASL immediately of any incident that occurs, or may occur within Your knowledge, which gives rise to any liability on Your part.

7. You agree to uphold ASL values and deliver the programs according to by ASL’s protocols and procedures as outlined in ASL’s training manuals and documents