Badri Rickhi

Founding Member of CINIM

Badri Rickhi

Badri Rickhi MB, BS, FRCP (C)

Research Chair, Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM)

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary

Dr. Rickhi is firmly established as an expert in the field of integrative health with recognition at national and international level. In 2009, he was co-awarded the Dr. Rogers Prize, the largest award of its kind in world, for his outstanding contributions and excellence in complementary and alternative medicine.

With nearly four decades of experience, Dr. Rickhi holds a medical degree from the University of the West Indies and was fellowship trained by the University of Toronto. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan, Ayurvedic (Indian) and Ryodoraku (Japanese) Medicine. He also trained in functional energy and quantum physics medicine. He has advised Health Canada and the World Health Organization on complementary therapies. He is the first Canadian member to sit on the steering committee of the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health (The Consortium) which advances integrative medicine and health through academic institutions and health systems. Collaborating with other specialists in interdisciplinary fields of study – including physics, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, psychology, psychophysiology, and clinical practice, Dr Rickhi contributes to a Biofield Science research group which is publishing a series of white papers on the role of consciousness and health. Dr. Rickhi was recently invited by the Government of India to discuss setting up integrative medicine in the Indian health care system. He has also recently published “The Cosmic Game: Book 1, Reflections (” to rave reviews.

As part of his ongoing charitable endeavors, in particular within developing societies, Dr. Rickhi and CINIM have been instrumental in facilitating international exchange programs in medicine, research and education. Their objective is to encourage collaboration between medical and academic centres around the globe to share knowledge, expertise and experiences which aid and ultimately develop communities in need. The current exchange program is between the University of Calgary’s Department of Global Health and International Partnerships in Canada and the Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, located in southern India.

A published researcher who lectures internationally, Dr. Rickhi has developed home spiritual wellness programs for stress and depression, which have been scientifically investigated and published in peer reviewed medical journals. He has participated as an expert of integrative medicine in televised documentaries and is a frequent commentator on mental health and wellness related matters at conferences and in the media.

Dr. Rickhi’s charity, CINIM (, is the longest surviving integrative health institute in Canada dedicated solely to integrative wellness research. Led by Dr. Rickhi, CINIM develops products and services which help individuals cope with everyday challenges and improve their quality of life. CINIM’s programs are evidence-based, award-winning, innovative and successful with appropriate delivery systems which make them accessible for their target demographic. CINIM’s premier program, Breathing Room™, is centered on youth resilience and was developed in partnership with Mount Royal University, the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. A revolutionary, online program, April, 2017

BreathingRoom complements conventional mental health treatment and can be incorporated into curricula giving youth and young adults practical tools to better manage the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and strengthen coping strategies. In 2014, BreathingRoom was awarded the prestigious True Imagination Award from the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta’s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction. The award recognizes significant contribution to the improvement of mental illness and addiction and distinguishes programs which reduce the associated stigma of these conditions. BreathingRoom is one of the few evidence-based, e-health tools in the world, and the first for Canada. Community support for the program has been phenomenal, and with the help of their donors and supporters, CINIM is working to make the program available to all Canadian youth.

Following the success of BreathingRoom, CINIM is developing its latest mental wellness program which will address the family, the most important unit in society, with emphasis on communication, the human connection and our shared consciousness.

Dr. Rickhi believes it is the responsibility of health professionals to be visionary in the area of health and attributes his successful career to his personal mission to serve humanity.