A Sound Life Dome

The Sound Life Dome is a for-impact, for-purpose wellbeing space coming to Sydney soon!

The Dome is A Sound Life’s hub for providing free interactive music, therapeutic yoga and meditation sessions to people in need whilst also serving as a space for A Sound Life events, trainings and workshops.

Its also offers a unique venue for people to come together in community and experience conscious programs, inspirational talks, arts and culture, music performances and social interactions.

The Dome will provide options for corporates and organisations, together with NFP’s to hire out for conferences, events, programs and other initiatives.

The design of the dome is a hemispherical thin-shell structure based on a geodesic polyhedron. Along with providing structural integrity, geodesic the geometric shapes expressed in the geodesic dome create the flower of life, which is sacred geometric pattern which is visually awe inspiring and designed to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

For more information or for booking enquiries please contact us at info@asoundlife.org