We made it to the Covelong Surf Classic in Tamil Nadu India. It was our first time surfing in India - we never imagined there would be surf schools, let alone a surf competition! It was great to play music and meet great people support a great cause and of course the joy of launching A SOUND LIFE. 


Edo and Jo have started training for the Covelong Point Surf Contest in India. Become a sponsor and 90% of proceeds will go towards A SOUND LIFE projects. The other 10% of proceeds will go towards BOARDS FOR BILLIONS non-profit organisation, who are the main organisers of the competion. They have a beautiful mission to help change the lives of youth by setting up a community run surf school/social enterprise in a fishing village in India that has been ravished by natural disasters, youth alcohol & drug problems and poverty. The story of Covelong Point, the first surfing village in India, and the story of one man, Murthy. With nothing more than a few old boards, a deep passion for surfing and teaching others to surf, Murthy strives alone to nurture the awakening of a new surfing culture against the backdrop of an ancient, simple culture. Read more www.covelongpoint.com, and http://boardsforbillions.wordpress.com.

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