Sound Requests

This new offering from ASL enables people facing hardships to contact ASL and request a virtual music session. 

Sound requests was inspired by the session we did for Raya, a four-year-old girl undergoing treatment for cancer at Westmead Children’s Hospital. Edo and Grace (Raya’s mother) organised the session as a surprise for Raya. The joyous session enabled Raya, her friends and family to all connect in song as Katrina, our ASL volunteer performed Raya’s favourite music. 

The restrictions in healthcare facilities due to Covid-19 have meant that people undergoing health challenges are even more isolated. Throughout the pandemic, only one family member has been able to visit a patient at a time. At the height of restrictions, in the Children’s hospitals it has meant that no siblings or extended family could visit at all.

ASL has created this program to make it easy for people to directly request a session with their preferred music. It enables ASL to match the participants with the most appropriate musician and fulfil requests to spread joy and help people cope with adversity.

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