Welcome and thank you for your interest in volunteering with A Sound Life.

Please watch our information video below to learn more about our charity and what to expect as a volunteer.

After watching the video you can proceed to register by filling out our application.

Please read our FAQ section below and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

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Volunteering roles

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No. There is no registration fee to become a volunteer with A Sound Life. Once accepted as a volunteer, you will receive your free ASL t-shirt, specialised training and the opportunity to experience the joy in volunteering.

The process is easy but will require a small amount of your time. You will need to:

  • Complete the online registration form
  • Schedule a 45 minute Zoom interview with one of our friendly staff
  • Agree to our terms of service
  • Upload a current Police and Working With Children Check
  • Upload a current Public Liability Insurance Certificate & Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Yoga Volunteers only)
  • Schedule and complete your specialised training
  • Observe a session/s with one of our qualified volunteers
  • You’re now ready to sign up for your first official volunteer experience! 

As we provide support services to vulnerable communities, it is imperative that we onboard the right people for the job.

And so, the interview process is designed to find out a little more about you. It consists of a light-hearted conversation that is honest, relaxed and supportive.

We may ask or be interested in:

  • Previous volunteering experience (if any)
  • Qualifications in your field and time of service
  • Coping abilities / strategies
  • Commitment availability
  • What you hope to experience from volunteering

It is a requirement that all our volunteers complete both a Police and Working With Children Check before volunteering with A Sound Life. Due to the type of communities we serve and the nature of the environments we visit, these must be complete before volunteering. 

You may already have a police check available which we will review. Alternatively, you can apply for one online via an independently registered organisation such as – Fit 2 Work or National Crime Check. The cost of these are approximately $25.

You can apply for your free Working With Children Check via your state government website and will also need to visit a local Service Centre to complete the process.

As the Police and Working With Children Checks are processed independently, the timeframe for completion can vary. On average, you can expect the checks to take anything from 24 hours to 3 weeks.

If you have any concerns regarding the status of your own check, please contact one of our ASL staff to discuss further.

It is a requirement that all our active yoga volunteers have their own current personal public liability insurance. For those that teach regularly, you may already have this available. For those without this insurance we recommend https://www.duckforcover.com.au/html/ or

Our Yoga, Music and Volunteer Guides all undertake different training.

Our Yoga Training is delivered across a 3 week period to allow you the time and space to successfully complete. It is facilitated by the wonderful – ASL team and consists of an e-learning module, live training and practical assessment. It takes approximately 15 hours to complete. 

Our Music Training is facilitated online by our Music Program Manager – Gabi Brown. It consists of an e-learning module and live practical assessment. This training will take approximately 5 hours to complete and can be done over two sessions.

Our Volunteer Guide Training consists of an e-learning module with A Sound Life, followed by an independent training facilitated by the desired facility.

We require you to commit to a minimum of 10 sessions throughout the year however we welcome you for as many sessions as your heart desires. We would love to have you volunteer weekly, fortnightly and even monthly – whatever best suits your schedule.

Yes, due to the trauma-sensitive approach required, you need at least one year of teaching experience and should be both confident and capable to lead a room of participants, either in person or on Zoom.

Our sessions take place between 10am and 5pm on weekdays. Please consider your schedule carefully and ensure you can commit to completing sessions in this time frame.

We understand this may be challenging for some but would encourage you to speak with your employer about the possibility. Many organisations are happy to support their staff in a volunteer role for an hour or two a month. 

We services facilities both in-person and virtually throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong and Byron Bay. 

If you live outside of these parameters or are unable to visit in-person our virtual sessions are the perfect solution as they will allow you to volunteer via Zoom – no matter where you are.

The sessions generally run between 45 minutes to 1 hour. This varies based on the type of session (music or yoga) and if it is facilitated in-person or online.

An in-person session will also require travel to and from the facility. We would expect the total time of travel, parking and the session not to exceed 3 hours at a maximum.

As little or as much as you need. We have a dedicated team available to support you at any time. For your first session we will be by your side to ensure you are prepared, confident and ready. We will remain readily available to debrief a session, provide feedback and any additional support required throughout your volunteer journey. We also have access to a qualified counselor who is there to talk, free of charge, should you feel you need to discuss things further.

We’re all about community. We love coming together to connect, have fun and celebrate our family of volunteers. We host gatherings throughout the year that provide an opportunity to meet other volunteers, share music, practice yoga, meditate, talk and enjoy the wonderful community of A Sound Life.

We also host masterclasses to continue the development of your skills and training and provide access to any community events that become available to us through our networks.

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As a volunteer musician, you will have the opportunity to play live music to groups and at the bedside of patients. All types of music are welcome, instrumentalists, singer-songwriters etc. We have a training program for our music volunteers and we connect musicians together who wish to play together.

The prerequisite to volunteering as a musician with A Sound Life is to have an adequate level of proficiency in my chosen instrument and/or musical presentation where you can confidently play for an audience for at least 15 minutes.

Yoga Teachers

As a volunteer yoga teacher, you will be sharing gentle therapeutic, and trauma-informed yoga with our participants of varying physical and mental abilities. You will be supported by your program manager and receive trauma-informed yoga training from our yoga training provider Nikola Ellis of Adore Yoga.

The prerequisite to volunteering as a yoga teacher with A Sound Life is to have a minimum 200 HR recognised Yoga Teacher Training and relevant insurance. Due to the trauma-sensitive approach required, you must also have 1 year of teaching experience and feel both confident and capable to lead a room of participants.


As a Volunteer Guide your role would be to guide our wonderful music volunteers around hospitals and introducing them to patients. This involves welcoming the musician, signing them into the hospital and ensuring they are safely following hospital protocols. It also involves introducing the musicians to patients and facilitating the performance. It is a wonderfully rewarding role seeing the incredible effect good vibes and music can have in hospital settings, places where music and love is so sorely needed.

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