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The Sound Mentoring Program provides free music mentoring sessions to young people aged 12 – 25 with the mission of empowering them to achieve their potential as artists and as people.

The program has been designed to team mentors and mentees based on their individual skillset (e.g. songwriting/guitar/piano/music production/vocal/rap etc) while ensuring that mentors are thoroughly screened and trained. Sessions take place either in person or over Zoom. 

Our vision is to help create healthy, resilient and creative communities where all young people have access to music education and mentorship no matter their socio economic background.

Giving all young people access to music education and mentorship no matter their  background.

Becoming a mentee or mentor

Mentees and mentors can expect to find:

  • Increased engagement in activities
  • New healthy tools for emotional expression
  • Connection to community
  • Improved self-confidence
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Amplify your music potential

The Sound Mentoring program builds positive relationships between mature people aged over 18 years (mentors) who are there to help young people (mentees) develop their potential in music and in life.

If you are interested in becoming a mentee in the program please read more about the program below and continue to fill out the form.

As a mentee in the program you may receive at least 10 free mentoring sessions from qualified and trained music mentors in: music production, songwriting, vocals, rapping, instrument playing and more.

Benefits of taking part in the mentoring program:

  • Increasing confidence in music and in life
  • Learning new music skills
  • Having fun
  • Gaining an amazing role model
  • Finding new employment pathways
  • Gaining new community
  • Self expression
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Become a mentor and help transform the lives of young people

Are you 18+, love making music and want to make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people at risk?

Join us as volunteer mentor and we will provide you with the training and guidance a to mentor a young person and help them achieve their potential as artists and human beings. We will match you up with a mentee based on your skillset e.g. whether that be in production, songwriting, singing, guitar, keyboard or other. Music mentoring is such fulfilling journey that can transform not just your life, but the life of a young person in need of confidence, positive role models and an outlet for their creativity.

Benefits to being a music mentor

  • Receive music mentor training, free, that will equip you to mentor and work with youth at risk
  • An enriching and fun way to give back to the community through music.
  • A sense of reward from empowering young people and watching them as they build their confidence, skills, and musical output
  • Meet people from all walks of life and get involved in a music based community of like-minded people
  • Build your own life skills and industry skills e.g. confidence working as a producer with people, music teaching and chops, musical abilities, leadership and more
  • Receive new work references and invaluable work experience applicable to a range of fields from music producers/engineers, to community musicians/music therapists, to music teaching, youth working, counselling, management etc
  • On-job training and development provided

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