Empowering our youth to become the artists they were born to be!


Supported by the National Alcohol and Drug Foundation, the Sound Mentoring Program from A Sound Life provides free music mentoring sessions to disadvantaged youths aged 12-24 with the mission of empowering them to achieve their potential as artists and as people. We will be partnering with  several community centres to provide venues for music mentoring sessions and recordings.

The program has been designed to team mentors and mentees based on their individual skillset, while also ensuring that all our mentors are thoroughly trained to share their skills and experience in a mentoring setting.  

Our goal is to help create a musical world where people feel connected while supporting each  other to bring their music to life; and at the same time building resilience and wellbeing in our communities. 


These programs have been proven to deliver on the following:  

  • Increased engagement in activities  
  • Learning healthy tools for emotional expression  
  • Connection to community  
  • Awareness of Auburn Youth Centre 
  • Employment skill development  
  • Improved self confidence 


Mentees in our pilot program in Auburn have reported a greater connection to community, increased confidence to reach their music and life goals, more engagement and  increased learning of skills for employment. Lots of fun was had and great music made too! 

Checkout the video below presented by our program manager Simon Jankelson that details our pilot program – The Auburn Sound Project:


Sessions take place out of different music ‘hubs’ including a Surry Hills Neighbourhood centre (above the library), Auburn Youth Centre and over Zoom mentoring Indigenous young people in schools across regional NSW. Mentors and young people may be matched to work on writing and recording songs, guitar, piano, song writing, music production, vocal coaching or other.  Essentially our mentors empower mentees to set their own music goals and support them along their journey to achieve them. Mentors are thoroughly screened, onboarded, supervised, and trained to share their skills and experience with our mentees.  

Interested in Mentoring?

Come and join us as mentor and we will provide you with the training, guidance and the opportunity to mentor a young person based on your skillset e.g. whether that be in production, songwriting, singing, guitar, keyboard or other. Music mentoring is such fulfilling journey that can transform not just your life, but the life of a disadvantaged young person in need of confidence, positive role models and an outlet for their creativity.

Are willing to donate 10 sessions of 90 minutes to help us in making a difference to the lives of the musicians of tomorrow?

Please express your interest for becoming a mentor here


For those vulnerable Australians who need your help…