A Sound Life is a charity bringing the healing and creative power of music and yoga to people in need.



We bring therapeutic yoga exercises, meditation and music delivered by qualified and trained volunteers to people who need it most. Get Involved! 


We set up music schools and training programs for children in underprivileged areas enabling them to develop their creativity and talent. First Sound School launched in North Bali in May 2014. Get Involved!



We  produce educational recorded music and videos as a free resource material for underprivileged communities.  The first project is called A Sound Earth CD, a children’s album with universal values. Get Involved! 

Our purpose is to bring free music and yoga to those in need. We harness the skills of musicians, yoga teachers and kind-hearted volunteers who are passionate about giving back to our community and enrich the lives of those in need.  A Sound Life services a range of healthcare facilities (hospitals, aged-care, disabilities, mental health) and vulnerable communities.

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