A Sound Life’s purpose is to share the healing power of music, yoga and meditation. Our volunteers are passionate about giving from their hearts to help people in need. Together we transform lives, empower individuals and unite communities.

We service vulnerable people in a range of health care facilities (hospitals, aged-care, disabilities, mental health) and underserved communities. Something magical happens when we choose to volunteer our time and share our talents.  We experience the joy of giving and the people we serve feel that they are not alone and are part of a nurturing community that genuinely cares about their welfare. 

In 2015 we provided over 200 free yoga and music sessions (3000 face to face interactions) in 5 facilities in Sydney. We have since doubled to 10 facilities in Sydney and Illawarra. We will be launching in Byron Bay in August 2016!




Our Programs


We bring therapeutic yoga, meditation and music delivered by qualified and trained volunteers to Aussies who need it most. Projects include yoga therapy for teens with Eating Disorders, music and yoga at Sydney Children's Hospitals (Randwick and Westmead), Miroma Special Needs BUPA Aged Care, Oasis Youth Shelter, Detour House Women's Refuge, Caretakers Cottage, House With No Steps and new facilities commencing soon.

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We set up music schools and training programs for children in underprivileged areas enabling them to develop their creativity and talent. First Sound School launched in North Bali in May 2014. Next Sound School launching in Tanzania in Jan 2016! 

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We produce educational recorded music and videos as a free resource material for underprivileged communities.  The first project is called A Sound Earth CD, a children’s album about environmental issues.

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New VAANI track just released: The Jewel

All proceeds go to A Sound Life to support our music and yoga programs. All donations are tax deductible. If you'd like to download the track, click donate and choose your amount:


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Some words from ASL co-founder Edo about the Jewel

21 March 2016

Nothing about Jo’s life nor her death has been short of extraordinary. It is six months today and the ripples of her life, love and legacy are turning into beautiful waves. Again and again I hear the same message from people about how Jo has inspired them to shine, let go and become more authentic.
The mark of a special person is that they help us shine and realise that we all have something special inside to share. Jo’s smile and radiant eyes were an embrace that made whoever she met feel truly seen and special. She had an ability to touch your core in such a gentle, candid and carefree way. Even those who never met her, have been touched by her voice and life's message to love all and serve selflessly.

A couple of years ago we were sitting in our apartment in India, playing around with sound loops and samples on the computer. I put them into a file and played them simultaneously. The result was a Chinese sounding track. Above our speakers hangs a hand stitched Quan Yin (pictured below), the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Jo’s Chinese cousin made it and gifted it to us. (Jo is half Chinese, half Indian). So as we looked at Quan Yin and listened to these samples, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum started to emerge. It means, the Jewel in the Lotus. It is the mantra for compassion associated with Quan Yin. The Jewel is the radiance of the enlightened heart. In India, the jewel in the lotus is referred to as Lakshmi, our inner essence of abundant peace, wisdom and bliss. 
When we think of jewels, we generally think of material things like precious gems, rings and necklaces. True love is the ultimate jewel. It is the recognition of the eternal in ourselves and others. When we open to the Jewel we can see its love radiating everywhere in everything and the sense of separation fades.
Jo was always a radiant being, but something unexpected happened when her health and body started to deteriorate. Despite the physical suffering, she became even more radiant! The love and compassion, forgiveness, courage, faith, gratitude and grace she exuded while her physical form literally withered away, was awe inspiring. She faced death with so much courage. She saw her body as but a shell and her spirit shone like a thousand rainbows. The Jewel of my heart left this world, but she has left so many jewels for us all. 

When I left for India in October, Matt Singmin (Future Sound Of YogaSOLON) came over and I played him a few of the new tracks we were working on including the Jewel. Matt and Jo had already been working musically together on the remix for her VAANI project with the song The First Ray
Matt left the apartment singing Om Mani Padme Hum all the way home (he is still singing it!).  He then started to work on his awesome SOLON remix of the song. Usually a remix comes out after the original song is mixed and released but Jo was always original. So in this case her remixes are “pre-mixes!”
Listen to the track here. If you choose to buy it, you can select your own price and 100% of income will go as a donation to our A Sound Life charity.

Six months on, I feel blessed to be able to hear the resonance of her voice as I continue working on the unfinished songs of our various projects. And today feels like the perfect day to share with you "The Jewel".

Wishing you all a blessed and peaceful 2016.

SBS article on A sound life click here to read the story.





June 4: Volunteer Information Session at Inyoga Surry Hills 1.45pm

World Yoga Day 2015 

Biggest Yoga & Meditation on Bondi Beach in Winter for United Nations World Yoga Day Challenge

What a turn out for the first ever United Nations World Yoga Day Challenge presented by on Sunday 21 June 2015! The cold weather could not keep the yoga lovers away!

Nearly 600 Sydney-siders rolled out their mats on Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach yesterday morning to make history in the first ever United Nations World Yoga Day Challenge whilst enriching the lives of people in need. The biggest yoga and meditation gathering held in Bondi, and in winter no less, was presented by local charity A Sound Life. .

“We were overwhelmed by the amount of support we received, not only the hundreds that turned out at sunrise to experience the inaugural United Nations World Yoga Day Challenge, but also all the huge number of partners and volunteers that helped to make the event the success that it was”, said A Sound Life co-founders and Bondi locals, Edo and Jo Kahn. “It was an amazing sight to wit-ness so many participating in a sunrise yoga practice on Sydney’s beautiful Bondi Beach led by some of Australia’s premier yoga and meditation teachers.”

The event raised over $20,000 thanks to Vittoria Coffee, who donated $20 for every pair of feet on a mat; Air India and Taj Hotels who generously donated a free trip to India, Uber who are donating $10 for every person who takes a first free ride (up to $25) with promo code ‘ASLYOGA’ (valid until 31 July), and Sejuiced Coffee in Bondi who donated $1 from every coffee purchased on World Yoga Day.

In his speech to the United Nations in September last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the world community to celebrate a World Yoga Day. Modi said, "Let us work towards adopting an Inter-national Yoga Day. Yoga is an invaluable gift of our ancient tradition. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature."

Sydney’s Bondi was the first of 174 countries to commence the inaugural United Nations World Yoga Day ‘worldwide wave’ of sun salutes on 21 June 2015, a global movement sanctioned by the United Nations.


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