An hour that gave us glimpse to the ‘Soul’ dimension of Truly Human (Accenture)


Written by Zaneta Ralevski | Learning & Training Technology Lead, Accenture Australia

On Tuesday 20 November, we were fortunate to have A Sound Life charity come to the Barangaroo office and provide a music and meditation session.

Before the session, A Sound Life played uplifting and soul inspiring music. We started off with an ice-breaker, where we had to “high-ten” other people to the sound of the beats, this was a fun activity and personally I stepped outside of my comfort zone – ‘high -fiving’ people I may not know well. At the end of this activity, I felt energetic. We then listened to Natasha Curry, CEO of A Sound Life, describe her inspirational journey which led her to A Sound Life, and the positive impact this charity is having on so many people. She showed us a video of what volunteers achieve at A Sound Life and their new dome coming to Sydney in 2019. The Sound Life Dome is a unique space where A Sound Life will run free wellness programs to people and communities in need, and also a venue for corporates and other organisations to hire out for conferences, events, programs and other initiatives. By using this space, corporates will be supporting the charity and also contribute to society. Along with providing structural integrity, the geometric shapes expressed in the geodesic dome create the flower of life, which is sacred pattern which is visually awe inspiring and designed to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. We then went into a guided meditation. The session finished with a guitar performance by international artist, Edo Kahn.

A Sound Life is Australia’s first charity offering yoga, music + meditation programs as a free service to thousands of Australian’s in need. Their corporate programs initiative enable them to support the many communities they serve. Whether it’s bedside performances for sick kids, yoga schools in orphanages, music programs for the disadvantaged, A Sound Life is spreading much needed hope and joy to many!

This all resonated with the Soul dimension from Accenture’s Truly Human Initiative. It gave us a glimpse into how we can contribute and support the wider community.


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