On Sept 21 2015 beloved A Sound Life co-founder, Jo Mall-Kahn aka Vaani left this world shortly after her cancer diagnosis. Edo has been working on finishing an album of songs she was working on with SOLON (Matt Singmin), Ian Ball (Gomez), Ohad Rein (Old Man River, Andy Mak and other great musos/producers.

The First Ray EP is the first offering from this collection which features four versions of The First Ray. Matt (SOLON) has generously donated his time and talents to bring The First Ray EP to life and give it the finishing mastering touches to make it glisten and showcase the breadth of styles Jo was exploring and her versatility as an artist.

The song is about the essence of yoga which is union or connecting with that ray of light within each of us, call it soul, spirit, energy, consciousness, divinity. It’s about being crazy for the eternal treasure rather than the impermanent things and surrendering to that boundless love which is our essential nature.

A collection of amazing musician friends including SOLON (Matt Singmin), Ian Ball (Gomez) and Ohad Rein (Old Man River) over the past few years helped realise Jo’s vision. The First Ray EP features four unique versions of the song:

  1. Original Version recorded in Ubud, Bali and produced by Rob Weber.
  2. SOLON 2018 Remix by Matt Singmin/Future Sound Of Yoga
  3. Retrograde Version – Jo was inspired by James Blake’s song and recrafted this version together with Andy Mak
  4. Unplugged Live at ABC – a live radio version of the song.

100% proceeds from The First Ray EP will help A Sound Life deliver more free music, yoga and meditation programs to people in need. Choose your donation amount, download and be serenaded by Vaani.


You will receive four unique versions of The First Ray and help us bring more joy, love and wellbeing to people in need…

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